Acharya Nanesh Academy Carriculum

The school advocates the system of integrated curriculum in which a unit/topic is taught across different disciplines using a specific set of methods. This helps our children to make connections across curriculum. Activities, project work, presentations, educational trips, guest lectures are an indispensable part of our curriculum so that the concept formation is strong and lasting.

The syllabus will be based on CBSE pattern.

Special remedial as well as enrichment classes are organized for students requiring extra attention.

The Scheme of Studies will be as follows:

√   Language - English
√   Language � Hindi
√   Language - Sanskrit
√   Environmental Education
√   General Science
√   Social Science
√   Mathematics
√   Information and Communication Technology
√   Physical Education
√   Performing and Visual Arts
√   Life Skills Education Programme

List of Extra Curricular Activities as Follow:

√   Hand Writting Competition(English & Hindi)
√   Essay Writting(English)
√   Recitation(English)
√   Debate and Elocution
√   Rhyme & Poem
√   Storry Telling
√   Social Studies Model
√   Science Model
√   Quiz & Memory Test, Drawing
√   Rangoli(Flower & Colour)Competition
√   Thermocol Models, Charts & Minor Project
√   Song & Dance Competition