Hostel Admission

√   All the Boys students desiring Hostel accommodation should submit the application form attached to the school prospectus duly filled by the last date prescibed for submission of school forms.This application should be submitted to the Hostel Incharge.

√   Student seeking admission to the Hostel should register themselves in the Hostel Office.

√   Admission to the hostel will be considerd only on the basis of registration after admission to the school.At the time of the registration student should submit the counterfoil of their hostel application form and photocopy of receipt of the fees deposited in the school.

√   Late submission of admission not be considered.

√   Parents/Guardians are advised to see physically, the facilities available in hostel before getting admission of their ward.School will not be responsible for any complaint made there after.

Admission Criteria

√   A student who has secured admission in the school can apply for Hostel acoommodation only he has a good academic record.

√   He is not residing in 10 k.m. area in or arround the school(consider. school campus as center).

√   Medical Certificate of fitness should be submitted.

√   Affidavit for following rules of Hostel and School.

Accommodation and Facilities

√   Types of accommodation available Shared Rooms(Two Students).

√   The Hostel Incharge in Consultation with Principal allocates the rooms.

√   All Rooms are fitted with ceiling fans.

√   Each Room is provided with one Almirah,one bed,one gadra,one pillow,one desk and a chair for each student.

√   Facilities for washing and ironing is available three days in a week as per schedule.

√   indoor and outdoor games are provided during the sports hour daily.

√   Students are not allowed to go to outside the campus for telephone. Calls can be done or received from hostel/canteen telephone booth as per time schedule 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm(Sunday).

√   Medical Aid facility is available through the Trust Hospital with common medicines available. The student can avail the facility at the nominal fees of Rs.10/- per slip.

Resident student are required to bring their own blankets, towels, curtains, table lamp, two CFL of 16 or 22 watts(energy saving),bucket, mug, water bottle,thermos flask, torch, thermometer,lock, key and duster etc.


√   Allowed Visitors can meet their Ward/Son on any Sunday during 10am - 4pm at the allocated place other than hostel.

√   Visitors/Parents must sign the Visitors Book on their arrival and fill up the necessary datails. They are not allowed in hostel.

√   Visitors must leave their vehicles at the parking place near the school gate.

Rules and Regulations

√   Students are required to follow the time table of Hostel strictly as per schedule. Strict action will be taken against students, who break the rules.

√   The resident is responsible for the care and maintenance of room and furniture provided to him. No additional furniture will be allowed in the room.

√   Residents are required to maintain cleanliness of their room.Bins are provided for the collection of litter,fruit peels etc.

√   The use of elecrical appliances inside the room is strictly prohibited.

√   Sudents in the Hostel must wear the prescribed uniform of hostel.