Technology Integration

Keeping in mind the present time where each and everything is run by highly advanced technology, A.N. Academy has made an attempt to integrate the latest technology into its campus and day to day working.

The entire campus is equipped with Wi-Fi. The campus is under an electronic surveillance system and is equipped with security cameras.

Projectors are installed in each classroom to aid teaching. They provide ways to show students everything which can be presented on a computer's desktop helping them to learn through audio visuals. They also allow teachers to record their instructions and post the material for review by students at a later time. This is a very effective instructional strategy for students who are absent from school or are slow learners. It is also useful for reviewing previously taught work during examinations.

Instead of the traditional notice boards A.N. Academy is trying to put up digital boards in the school corridors.

We have a well equipped Computer laboratory with the latest operating systems dedicated computer teachers to teach the children computer skills from a young age.

Technology in Education complements existing environment with avenues for enhanced effectiveness of teaching learning process engaging the teachers and learners both, two way communications between the learner and the external world, and integrate school with its community through meaningful utilization of Technology assets in timeslots identified.